Uchiha Sasuke (pod_uchiha) wrote in pod_ninjas,
Uchiha Sasuke

Muffin-kins made it sound like I was going to be an evil overlord, which isn't exactly true.

Nobody wants an RP to be work, and I don't want anyone to feel stressed about activity requirements, but activity is key to a successful RP (and if you don't want to be active, you probably shouldn't be here anyway).

Anyway~ starting this Sunday I will be taking note of who is keeping active and who has excused absence, but I will not be sending out warnings unless it's clear a player is not carrying his/her weight. For instance, a player who normally posts three times a week but then misses a week or two will not receive a warning. ^_____^

Which brings me to another issue. I'm not always in chats, but since it's considered a form of activity, I need to know who is involved chats. Muffin-kins said something regarding pods_daily or pods_weekly that could be used to keep track of chat plots, perhaps it can also be used as some sort of chat activity log? I think there could be a weekly post, people post comments stating what happened regarding their character in the chats and at the end of the month the weekly posts are removed and replaced by a monthly summary post from the comments?? Is this too complicated and stupid?

Did any of that make sense? Does anybody feel uncomfortable about anything I've said? BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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